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I was born in Birmingham and as a child I loved to dance and took medals in ballroom, latin and disco. I moved to Oswestry in 1994 and it was here I discovered line dancing after a holiday in America and  soon became hooked. Circumstances changed for me in 2003 and with the support of my husband and two boys I gave up my job as subpostmistress , qualified with BWDA 2000 and IDTA and became a full time line dance teacher. I now run classes throughout the week in Shrewsbury and Oswestry and as a teacher I love the fun element and my classes are always my main focus.  I run weekends, holidays abroad and hold charity events. My dedicated charity is

Midlands Air Ambulance


Choreography is something I started in 2008, there is no nicer feeling than seeing a floor full of dancers enjoying something that you created. To date my highlights have been winning an award  at the World Dance Masters for my dance ‘Midnight Mix’, and winning a Crystal Boot Award in 2015 for my dance Little Zou Bisou.

My CBA Story

In 2015 I won a Crystal Boot Award for Beginner Dance of the Year 2014 with​ "Little Zou Bisu"

In 202 I was chosen to be one of the DJs in both the ballroom and the Norcalympia


In 2022, I was invited as a Choreographer where I taught my own dance "Glowing Review" 

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